- First Turkish sports club visited by Great Leader Atatürk (1914) 

- First Turkish sports club (1903)

- First officially registered Turkish sports club (1910)

- First Turkish sports club with training facilities and headquarters (Akaretler-1909)

- First Istanbul League champions (1924)

- First team title in fencing

- First team title in track and field  

- First team title in wrestling

- First volleyball team to win a championship

- Winners of first Prime Ministry Football Cup

- Winners of first Federation Football Cup

- First National Football League champions  

-  First Turkish club to send a sportswoman to Olympics (Berlin,1936)

- First sports club to organize a gymnastics show on stage in Turkey ( Kadıköy Apollon    Cinema, 1910)

- First Turkish club to engage in underwater sports

- First Turkish sports club to travel across the Atlantic Ocean (USA)

- First Turkish club with a boxing section

- First Turkish club to engage in decathlon

- First club to hold a wrestling tournament in Istanbul (1910-1911)

- First marathon winner (Maratoncu İbrahim)

- First club to have a shooting range

- First club with a sports section for disabled persons

- First and only club to publish a sports magazine for children in Turkey and abroad 

- First and only club to establish a tourism agency in Turkey

- First and only sports club with an insurance firm

- First club to win Turkish Super Cup (2006-07)

-UEFA Champions League (2017-18)
Most points (14) achieved by a Turkish team in group stage
The only Turkish team qualifed from group stage undefeated
The only turkish team advanced as group leader
The only turkish team with most wins (4)
the most goals scored by a Turkish team (11) in group