With an area of 1650 m2, Turkey’s largest and first officially-registered sports museum is located inside the Beşiktaş football team’s shrine Beşiktaş Tüpraş Stadium and covers two floors.

While upper floor features a chronological presentation of Club’s history, the lower floor has an “All about the Beşiktaş” exhibition area.

Hundreds of unique sports objects, jerseys, medals, trophies, photos and videos that visualize Beşiktaş JK’s glorious history of 121 years are exhibited in the must-see museum. It also offers the visitors an interactive experience with over 50 digital applications. The venue is equipped with the contemporary technology including documentaries, virtual games, augmented reality applications, digital kiosks and digital maps.

Beşiktaş JK Museum features an interactive learning area for children at different ages with games through the exhibition and activity zone. It is the first 100% disabled-friendly museum in Turkey, delivering sensible roads, replicas, stations with texts written in Braille alphabet, and exhibiting elements designed for disabled visitors at appropriate sizes.

Thanks to its year-around activities, this high-tech museum provides the visiting sports lovers of all ages with an exciting and memorable journey to the unforgettable achievements of the Turkish Champions Beşiktaş.