Celebrations continue for Beşiktaş’ Turkish Cup title

In order to celebrate their triumph one more time, Turkish Cup winners Beşiktaş got together with their fans at Beşiktaş District’s central square this afternoon.

Beşiktaş Chairman  Hasan Arat, Football Teams’  Coordinator Samet Aybaba, Manager Serdar Topraktepe and Board Members attended the event.

Greeting the fans from a platform, the triumphant Black Eagles joined in the chants and songs of the thousands who packed the square.

Speaking at the celebration ceremony, Beşiktaş Chairman Hasan Arat said: "We promised to you that  would bring the trophy here. We are all delighted that we kept our promise." 

Black Eagles also spoke at the celebration: 

Ernest Muchi: "It is a pleasure to be here with a trophy. Next year, we will come back with more trophies." 

Al Musrati: "I would like to thank to everyone for their support. I'll never forget that winning goal I scored in injury time." 

Jackson Muleka: "I would like to thank all our fans who came here and  recreated the same atmosphere of that unforgettable night. 

Gedson Fernandes: "Today is a great day for Beşiktaş lovers. This club deserve many more titles like this." 

Jonas Svensson: "We won this trophy with our fans, we wouldn't be here without them."