Statement from Beşiktaş Deputy Chairman Onur Göçmez

"When we assumed  office four months ago, we faced a football team that was playing below  its capacity. We tried to get this team back on its feet and made some important additions to it. Our goal was to finish third in the league and win the cup. However, things did not work out the way as we planned.  Regardless of the score, Besiktas should not perform this way at home or away.  For this reason, we had a meeting with Manager Fernando Santos and parted our ways.  

We suffer as much as our fans. However, we must protect the interests of Beşiktaş.  Under the leadership of Beşiktaş Football Teams General Coordinator  Samet Aybaba,  we will continue the season with Manager Serdar Topraktepe. As management, we will spare no effort to bring the Turkish Cup to our museum. Starting from tomorrow, our players need to be aware that they are wearing a Beşiktaş jersey. We are focused on finishing the league in the best spot available. Towards this goal,  Besiktas will fight to win every match. We will start next year's build-up at the end of the season."