Inauguration of Beşiktaş Chairman Hasan Arat and new Beşiktaş Board Members

An inauguration ceremony for the newly-elected Beşiktaş Chairman Hasan Arat and new Beşiktaş Board of Directors was held at Tüpraş Stadium today.

In his speech at the ceremony, new Beşiktaş JK Chairman Hasan Arat said:

"Now the election is over. We had an extremely democratic and transparent election. We are a big family. We have shown the whole of Turkey and the world that we will always be together.  There was an extraordinarily high participation in the election.  In this regard, I would like to thank all our club members.

Before the election, the two chairmanship candidates sat together and sang  Beşiktaş marches hand in hand. Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of Turkish sports.  Our administration will maintain that togetherness. We will  open all the books of the past and provide an accountable, fair and transparent administration.  We are aware of our responsibility and challenges. But we will work real hard.

I would also like to thank the former Chairman Ahmet Nur Çebi and his team for their service to Beşiktaş. Our fans should be patient and support the changes we will implement. Whatever we are doing we are doing it for them.  We have an important game on the weekend. Let's remain united."

At the end of his speech, Hasan Arat  laid out the duties of new Board Members.  The distribution of duties in new Beşiktaş Board of Directors under the management of  Chairman Hasan Arat is as follows:

Hüseyin Yücel – Vice Chairman

Onur Göçmez – Deputy Chairman

Mete Vardar – Deputy Chairman

Dr. M. Cüneyt Sezgin – General Secretary

Yalçın Ayaydın – Board Member responsible for International Relations and Beşiktaş Store Eagle’s Nest

Altın Mimir – Head of Legal Affairs Department

M. Kaan Şakul – Board Member responsible for Finance and Beşiktaş Football Company

Feyyaz Uçar – Board Member responsible for Football Department and Spokesperson for Beşiktaş Football Team

Prof. Dr. Işıl Zeybek – Board Member responsible for  Communications

Ekrem Keçoğlu – Board Member responsible for Internal Club Relations

Kadir Kılıç – Board Member responsible for Internal Club Relations  

Çağlayan Tuğal –  Board Member for Beşiktaş JK Facilities

Burak Aslan – Board Member responsible for Public Affairs