Club Announcement

We are truly disappointed and even shocked to learn that our BKT EuroCup quarter-final opponent Hapoel Tel Aviv’s player Xavier Manford was given only 21-day suspension for using prohibited drugs by the Israeli Basketball Association.

The 21-day suspension imposed on such an unsportsmanlike conduct, which is incompatible with the spirit of sports and announced just a few days before our match, is very light in comparison to similar ones. This light penalty casts a shadow on the deterrence and prevention of such behaviors that are contrary to the spirit of sports and creates a situation that may pave the way for such behaviors.

In addition, the fact that the Head Coach of Hapoel Tel Aviv said in an interview that the doping test was carried out in December, but the results were published only in late February, raises questions about the issue.

We hope that the FIBA and EuroLeague Boards will make a fair decision regarding this situation, taking into account the previous penalties. We would like to state that we will follow the issue to the end and use all our legal rights.

Beşiktaş JK