Chairman’s article in Beşiktaş Magazine

Fikret Orman in June -July Issue

Dear Beşiktaş Fans,
We are absolutely delighted at the response you’ve shown to our “I have a suggestion for Beşiktaş” campaign.” I assure you that none of your suggestions will go to waste, and all will be carefully studied. Our unity and strength was further reinforced by last month’s FEDA (Lifetime commitment to the Club) project, which our legendary player Şeref Görkey first inspired. I am very pleased to say that we have already sold tens of thousands of T-shirts since the start of FEDA campaign. These two examples of club and fan collaboration demonstrate that we will overcome our financial difficulties sooner than anyone expects.
If we leave aside football, I am definitely proud of our teams’ performance this season. While Men’s basketball team won both the FIBA EuroChallenge and Turkish Cups, Wheelchair Basketball lifted the Willi Brankman trophy, all firsts in our club’s history. Let’s not forget our men’s handball team which claimed all national titles available again this year. Congratulations to those all involved in these memorable achievements!
If we get back to football, we had a disappointing season but still managed to finish fourth in the league. We have parted ways with Manager Tayfur Havutçu and are currently reviewing the performances of our players. Our new manager will have the last word on who is staying. One thing is for sure, next season we will rally around the concept of team unity and spirit rather than individual performances.
We have opened up a new page in our Club’s history and all past resentments are left behind. Unity and togetherness will be our major weapon in the upcoming season.  
Fikret Orman
Chairman, Beşiktaş JK