The construction of BJK Fulya Süleyman Seba Project had been going on for more than a half century. In addition to hundreds of ardent Beşiktaş supporters, former Beşiktaş Club Presidents, from Hakkı Yeten to Mehmet Üstünkaya, from Süleyman Seba to Serdar Bilgili, had all contributed to the said project in one way or another. As of the day President Yıldırım Demirören took office being May 30, 2004, he had always expressed the importance of Fulya project for the future of Beşiktaş and the construction finally got underway; and on February 11, 2009, after nearly four years of hard work, the giant sports facility opened its doors to public with an impressive ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Our Honorary President Süleyman Seba, who served Beşiktaş between 1984 and 2000, spared no effort to acquire the project land in Fulya from the Turkish Youth and Sports General Directorate through donation. Mr. Serdar Bilgili, the next President of Beşiktaş, prepared plans for a new sports facility on the donated land that would be the only one of its kind in Turkey. President Yıldırım Demirören; who followed Bilgili, launched the ‘‘Süleyman Seba’’ titled project in mid 2005 after obtaining the required construction permits. Taking office on May 30, 2004, Demirören Administration first completed the BJK Inönü Stadium in October 2004; and then, turned its attention to Fulya Süleyman Seba Project.  Mr. İlhan Durusoy, the Head of High Advisory Committee and Board member in Charge of Investments, introduced the meticulously designed draft plans to club members in February 2005. Following the plans approval, the tender process was started. The bidders were allowed to make offers on 4 different construction models: contractor’s self-financing, outside financing, build-operate-transfer and flats for landownership. A total of 17 prominent Turkish construction firms were invited to bid and 10 of them submitted their offers by the deadline set for June 7, 2005.  

Until the July 18th, all bids were carefully reviewed and follow-up interviews were conducted.

And on July 21, 2005 Aşcıoğlu Construction Firm was selected to be the builder for the BJK Süleyman Seba Spors Complex on the basis of flats for landownership model plus to the costs in which Beşiktaş would get 67% of the build area. After the execution of contract on July 25, 2005, the tear- down of Ahmet Fetgeri Sports Hall and Hakkı Yeten Stadium located on the construction site got underway.    


As for the scope of the project… According to agreed model, the Aşçıoğlu Construction would first build various sized apartments on its 33% share and then sell them for profit to finance the rest of the project. Therefore, the complex included two apartment buildings owned exclusively by the contractor. On the other hand, inconsistent with the latest marketing concepts and the specifications of the area, the remaining 67% that belonged to Beşiktaş contained commercial space such as a hospital, food court, shopping mall, techno-market and offices to provide a guaranteed source of income for our club. Thanks to an effective marketing strategy, the premises were leased out even before the construction was completed.  While the internationally-acclaimed health institution Acıbadem will run the hospital, the famous German hypermarket chain Real will offer its services in the shopping mall area. The techno-market is rented out to Medya Mart; and a long-term leasing agreement is signed with the Aşcıoğlu Construction for the offices and food court. Including its modern landscaping, the project covers an area of 160 000 square meters.


Construction Contract Execution Date: July 21, 2005

Excavation Date: September 2005

Construction Start Date: April 2006

Total Construction Area of BJK Süleyman Seba Complex: 162 500 m2

2 Apartment Buildings with 45760 m2 Covered Space and 42 Floors Each

17- Floor Hospital Building with 23000 m2 Covered Space

27- Floor Office Building with 13600 m2 Covered Space

Shopping Mall with 17800 m2 Covered Space

Techno-Market with 8080 m2 Covered Space

Food Court with 3050 m2 Covered Space

Culture and Congress Center with 2700 m2 Covered Space

1300 Capacity Car Park

376 Spaced Residential Parking

Total Amount of Concrete: 114,515 m3

Total Weight of Structural Steel: 19,000 tons

Total Area of Tiles: 78,500 m2

Total Area of Woodwork: 17,200 m2

Total Area of Cement Finish: 70,000 m2

Total Amount of Exterior Coating: 43,500 m2

Total Length of Mechanical Pipes: 185 km

Total Area of Ventilation Canals:  52, 000 m2

Total Transformer Capacity:  8.8 MW

Total Generator Capacity: 7.4 MW

Total Heating Capacity: 10,800 kW

Total Cooling Capacity: 10,750 kW

Total Number of Employees: 1950


Address: Hakkı Yeten Street Fulya, Beşiktaş, ISTANBUL - TURKEY