Rafa Silva: I am here to win titles


New Black Eagle Rafa Silva, was the guest of Beşiktaş YouTube and answered the questions prepared for him:


-How does it feel to play at Beşiktaş Tüpraş Stadium?  Are you excited to play here? 

"I'm very excited to play in this stadium and see all the fans  cheering together. I've already played here once, and the atmosphere was incredible. I can't wait to step on that magical pitch."

-What position do you prefer to play? 

"I normally play behind the striker. I like to play in that position and score goals. But I've also played a lot in the wings during my career, so I am an actually an attacking midfielder." 

-Who are the  players you idolize? 

"When I was a kid, I loved Luis Figo. He was a very good football player. He was also from my country, and I loved watching him play. "

-What are your goals at Besiktas? 

"I'm here to win titles. I also want to help our team get the recognition it deserve. That's why I came to Beşiktaş." 

-What do you know about Istanbul? 

"I don't know much yet. I know the bridge that separates the European side from the Asian side. Over time, I'm sure I'll learn more about Istanbul. However, my first impression is great because people are very friendly." 

-How did you decide to sign for Besiktas?

"It was easy for me to decide on that because I had already knew the club when they made the offer. I previously played against Besiktas.  The atmosphere and the fans were amazing . They are literally crazy about football, they also know football very well. That was one of the main reasons why I signed."

 -What kind of performance do you promise to Beşiktaş fans?

 "I will work hard and give everything on the pitch in every game we play. I can promise you that. Hard work and giving my all for this great club…"