Gabriel Paulista: "I’ll be a fighter for Beşiktaş"

New Black Eagle Gabriel Paulista was the guest of Beşiktaş YouTube and  answered questions directed to him:

What is your message to Beşiktaş fans?

 "I think my characteristic as a player is that I'm a fighter. I'm a player who always fights for my teammates and for the club. I've always been like this throughout my career. This will be no different at Beşiktaş. On the pitch, I will always show my will to win. I know the passion of the fans here, and it will give me a lot on the pitch.  I’ll be a fighter for Beşiktaş"

Has anyone influenced your decision on coming to Beşiktaş? 

"I didn't get information directly about Beşiktaş, but about the Istanbul city. I spoke to my former Valencia teammate, Cenk Özkaçar, who is also a national team player for Türkiye. He told me a lot about the city, the country, and the possibilities available here. He said that the best things for both me and my family were here. At the moment, I am slowly starting to explore.  I will try to learn more about the history of this great club."  

Can you tell us about your goal at Beşiktaş?

“When an athlete comes to a big club, he always thinks about championships. It will be no different for me. My first thought is to adapt to my new teammates, the coach and the style of play as quickly as possible. I want to create my own story at the club and win championships.  I have a lot of experience in football, but I still have a lot to learn. I always try to improve, and this one will be no different here. In every training session and in every match, we will strengthen ourselves and focus on our final goal, which is to win championships.”

What are you feelings right now? 

"I think I'm lucky to play for another big club in my career. Since my childhood, I have always dreamed of becoming a successful  professional footballer. But I never thought I would reach this level and play for such big clubs like Beşiktaş. Therefore, I feel very happy and proud. Together with my family, my teammates and coaches, we will  work hard to reach our goals."