Chairman Çebi’s Message for Beşiktaş’ 120th Birthday

“Dear Besiktas Fans; 

Our Beşiktaş, which is among the first sports clubs established in the world, is 120 years old.  We mark the 120th anniversary of Beşiktaş with a bitter heartache because of the recent earthquake disasters that devastated southeastern Turkey and northwestern Syria.

Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club community has always been sensitive to social issues, responsibilities and the difficulties faced by ordinary people. Precisely for this reason and thanks to the  joint efforts of  Beşiktaş board members, sponspors and suporters, we  reached the earthquake-hit areas in the country immediately and quickly started our relief operations there.  Therefore, I would like to thank our community for their contributions and  united support. 

Due to ongoing national mourning,  we will not be holding Beşiktaş’ 120th anniversary celebrations we have planned. In addition, all our social responsibility activities for this year will now focus solely on helping earthquake victims.”