Chairman Ahmet Nur Çebi's Message for August 2020

Dear Beşiktaş Fans,

We concluded a season that was crippled by the coronavirus pandemic. During these extraordinarily hard times, despite a ton of difficulties, we’ve worked day and night to keep the Beşiktaş flag flying high.

After an effective restructuring process, we managed to take our football team from 12th position to finish 3rd in the Turkish Super League, earning a ticket to European tournaments for the next season. Focusing mostly on local and young players, this much-needed overhaul will continue in the coming year. The same mentality will be applied to our other sports disciplines as well. This move is going to be a useful example for sports clubs across Turkey.

While rejuvenating and renewing the Club’s teams, we are also renovating our sports hall the Akatlar Arena. Once it’s completed, it will be a one-of-a-kind in Istanbul, serving as a modern playing and practising venue for all Beşiktaş teams.

During these financially uncertain period, the true Beşiktaş fans have not left us alone as they have been generously contributing to our fundraising campaign since its very start. In the month of August, the said campaign will enter a brand new phase and become a worldwide event through a series of live programmes.

When we open our eyes in the morning, the first thing we have in mind is Beşiktaş. Our main goal is to keep Beşiktaş at the top and make her financially strong. We are going to spare no effort until we reach our aim.

Take good care of yourselves and stay safe!

Ahmet Nur Çebi
Beşiktaş JK