Beşiktaş Magazine features Chairman Çebi's message for July 2020

Dear Beşiktaş Fans,

When we assumed office, due to a string of short term debts, Beşiktaş JK had almost no cash flow and was kept afloat entirely on bank loans. While we were searching a way out, the Covid-19 pandemic made the things worse, cancelling all our games and cutting off all our income sources.

However, instead of borrowing more money from the banks and putting more burden on club’s future, we’ve decided to turn to our own family for help and organise a fundraising campaign among Beşiktaş supporters. The campaign titled “You Shall Never Walk Alone” has picked up steam in a very short time and started to raise the money we need. I have no doubt that every Beşiktaş lover will take part in this campaign and contribute as much as he or she can. We are confident that, with sacrifies from our players, supporters and us, the club will come out of this difficult period stronger than ever.

We also believe that, since the costs of signing international players are going up every other day, it is time to make use of our own youth system and find young talents from local sources. Nicknamed a “college team” for many years, Beşiktaş JK is planning to implement a rejuvenation process, accompanied by a top-to-bottom financial assessment, in all its sports disciplines very soon.

With all my sincere love and respect.

Ahmet Nur Çebi
Chairman of the Board
Beşiktaş JK