Chairman Çebi's Message in Beşiktaş Magazine

Dear Beşiktaş Fans,

It is nice to see the Beşiktaş Magazine back in the newspaper stands after an absence of a year and half. Please show your support by buying a hard copy of Beşiktaş' only printed publication regularly each and every month.

We have entered the second month of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak which has hit the sports club around the world really hard. With all our games postponed indefinitely, we have been experiencing some serious financial difficulties lately and trying to overcome them by turning to club’s traditional resources which are also getting depleted every other day.

However, since the health of Beşiktaş and opposing teams’ supporters and players comes before our economic concerns, we will continue to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions for as long as they take.

In the meantime, Beşiktaş JK players have been keeping fit thanks to the daily training programs they are given by their coaches. I assure you that your Eagles will be up and ready for all kinds of action when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

With this opportunity, I convey my prayers and thoughts to those who lost loved ones and friends in this tragic pandemic and wish speedy recovery for those who are currently receiving treatment.

Take preventive measures against the coronavirus and stay healthy!

Ahmet Nur Çebi
Chairman of the Executive Board
Beşiktaş JK