Beşiktaş Vice Chairman Adnan Dalgakıran: “We’ve become more influential in social media”

Beşiktaş JK Vice Chairman Adnan Dalgakıran, who is in charge of the media communications at the club, was interviewed by Serpil Kurtay the Editor in Chief of Beşiktaş Magazine, which returned to newspaper stands in May after a-year-and-a-half absence.

“Bringing back the printed edition of Beşiktaş Magazine in these difficult days proves that our communications department has not been hindered by the ongoing coronavirus retrictions and is still working hard. In fact, with a number of highly-active Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts and a multi-language website, we’ve become more influential than our rivals in the sports social media lately.

The coronavirus pandemic has managed to stop our main activities and sent nearly everyone at the club home, but we’ve recovered fast and responded by regularly providing much-needed and useful information to our audience. These advisory, effective and interactive communication strategies will not only strengthen the bond between Beşiktaş lovers but also enhance our ability to come together quickly in times of crisis. Beşiktaş JK is a 117-year-old institution and has seen much worse, so I am confident that we will come out of these though times stronger and more resilient than before,” said the Vice-Chairman Dalgakıran.