Chairman's Message for March 2020

Dear Beşiktaş Community,

As a fully-transparent and accountable management, which has decided to rely more on Club’s own resources, we have assigned former Beşiktaş players Sergen Yalçın and Burak Bıyıktay to coach our football and basketball teams. I have no doubt these true Black Eagles will keep the black-and-white-coloured flag flying high at all times.  From now on, we will turn to Beşiktaş’ own products wherever and whenever we need them.

This well-thought move has not only united our community but also motivated our teams greatly. The positive performances and results we’ve been receivingly lately prove that we are on the right track.

On the other hand, the evaluations made at 2020’s first Beşiktaş Council Board Meeting have shown us that the Club continue to face serious financial problems. However, no Beşiktaş fan should worry because Beşiktaş have all the means and the power to overcome every one of those challenges. Within this framework, we will soon start a donation campaign which will help the Club move forward steadly. Just like the small contributions you made during the building of our Vodafone Park Stadium, the little sacrifices from you are going to bring back the glorious days we’ve been all waiting for.

As long as our fans stand behind and support us, Beşiktaş will progress rapidly and achive the goals we are all aiming at one by one.

With sincere love and respect to you all.

Ahmet Nur Çebi
Beşiktaş JK