Chairman's Message for February 2020

Great Beşiktaş Community,

Since the first day we assumed office, we have been trying to find solutions to the recurring financial problems of the Beşiktaş in line with our long term plans.  As a fully accountable and transparent management in its third month of office, we want to make sure that the financial issues do not interfere with the future of our Club in any way.

We were hoping to strengthen our football squad during the winter break, but unfortunately, the heavy player transfer limitations imposed on us by the Turkish Football Federation prevented our Club from signing too many new players. Yet, we still managed to add some valuable names in the last minute.

Throughout the first half of the season, the questionable calls made by the referees against us and the inefficient use of the Video Assistant Referee System (VAR) in our matches have cost us many precious points.  With this opportunity, I would like to invite all referees to be more careful, fair and just towards us because millions of Beşiktaş fans worldwide do not deserve such a poor officiating.

In the meantime, we have parted ways with our football team’s manager Mr. Abdullah Avcı due to differences in vision. As Beşiktaş JK Management, we wish him all the best in his future career.

One of the main pillars of Turkish Sports, Beşiktaş JK has a glorious history of 117 years. During the difficult times, it has always turned to its own sources. For this very reason, we have appointed our former legendary player Sergen Yalçın as the new manager of Beşiktaş JK’s football team. I have no doubt that he will spare no effort in taking us to new heights.

One other hand, a number of successful results have been achieved by different sports disciplines of the Club as men’s, women’s and wheelchair basketball teams of Beşiktaş have all advanced in their Europan tournaments.

Of course, your continued support is an indispensable driving force for our progress, especially during these transitional times.  Lets not forget, united we stand, divided we fall...

With love and repect to you all.

Ahmet Nur Çebi
Beşiktaş JK