Shinji Kagawa speaks to Beşiktaş Magazine

The Japanese football star Shinji Kagawa, who has made a flying start into the Turkish Super League with two goals in his debut, is interviewed by the Beşiktaş Magazine:

-“Like the most kids of my age in Japan, I was inspired a lot by the fictional TV character Captain Tsubasa. The establishment of a professional football league in Japan also inluenced my career.”      

-“Japanese people has a special character. They always give 100 percent at work. That’s what I do on the pitch. It is in my blood.”

- “The magical football atmosphere in Vodafone Park played an important role on my decision of joining Beşiktaş.”

- “Since my games are being televised in Japan, my presence here will give Beşiktaş and Turkish Football a wider audience.”  

-“I am happy and proud to be the first Japanese player in this 115-year old club. I would like to see more Japanese players in Turkey. I could also be a stepping stone for the other European countries.”    

-“Scoring two goals for Beşiktaş in my debut was definitely a gift handed down from the football gods. I hope they won’t forget me soon! In order to be noticed by them, I am training real hard.”  

-“Beşiktaş supporters are truly passionate and loyal. I must give my best to avoid disappointing them.”

-“I like the Turkish Bath (Hammam) here. When I went to one of them few days after my debut, the Beşiktaş-supporting masseur massaged me for about 15 minutes but did not recognise me. After finishing his work, he asked me if I knew the new Japanese player Beşiktaş had signed. I just said, “Since he signed for Beşiktaş, he must be a real good player.” However,  before leaving I told him that I was the player he was talking about, and the poor guy almost had a heart attack.”