Dear Beşiktaş Family,

With our management, players, coaches and supporters, we are all united with one mission in mind. That is to take this great club to higher places and keep it there. At this early stages of the season, some results of our football team  may be poorer than expected at times, but you can be sure that they are temporary and do not change our overall goal. Besides, the league is a long marathon, and we are Beşiktaş fans not just for one day but forever. After each match, we work harder to get better and do what ever it takes to lift that trophy at the end of the season.

As a 115-year-old pioneer in Turkish sports, we had the opportunity to celebrate this year’s Turkish Republic Day at the Vodafone Park with flags and marches which made us shiver with emotion and pride. Before I finish, I would like to reiterate Beşiktaş JK’s committment  to help protect the Turkish Republic, which was gifted to us by the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, from here to eternity.

Fikret Orman
Beşiktaş JK