Chairman's Message

Dear Beşiktaş Family,

With still a match at hand, your Black Eagles have become the first Turkish team to qualify from their UEFA Champions League group stage as group leaders. It was also Beşiktaş’ first qualification in that prestigious football tournament. With this opportunity, I congratulate every involved, including our devoted supporters who packed the stands day in day out. We’ll spare no effort to conclude our European journey with an impressive and respectable finish.

Due to a lot of changes, hard-work and sacrifices, the achievements we have attained recently have not been easy ones. On the other hand, the place where we are now is by no means an end itself. For reaching our goals, we still have a long and uphill battle ahead of us. Nevertheless, we have shown to the world that today’s Beşiktaş JK can beat any team in the UEFA Champions League and are afraid of no one. For that, we are extremely loud and proud like many of you.

On the international front, we are slowly but surely growing into a world-class team with an increased number of supporters from all over the globe. Our current success in Europe has not only expanded the club’s brand name more broadly but also supported the recognition of Turkish Football all over world.

In the meantime, our quest for the third straight Turkish Super League title continues at full speed. As a multi-sport club, we intend to take our Black and White flag to the highest point whenever and wherever it is required.

My best wishes to you all.

Fikret Orman,
Executive Chairman,
Beşiktaş J.K.