Chairman's Message

Dear Beşiktaş Family,

Our football team’s recent performance in Europe has made all of us exteremely proud. After victories against the FC Porto, RB Leipzig and AS Monaco, we have become the only Turkish club who have won three straight matches in the UEFA Champions League. Now, your Black Eagles have got two home games left in the group stage, and  I am sure  you are going to pack the stands for both of them. As a result, the whole world will once again see how strong and united the Beşiktaş community really is.

With the results we’ve been achieving on and off the pitch, Beşiktaş JK have assumed the role of being the showcase of  Turkish Football . We wish to use this opportunity for becoming an internationally known and respected name in sports .

In the meantime,  the club had continued to fulfil its social responsibilites as it allowed the 2017 European Amputee Football Cahmpionship Final between England and Turkey to take place at the Beşiktaş Vodafone Park free of charge.

As you all know, on the 10the November, we will commemoreate  the 79th Death Anniversary of  the Greatest Beşiktaş Fan Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Without his reforms, we would  probably  be in a negative environment. Therefore, I  take this time to  offer my sincere gratitude to him and to his comrades.     

My best wishes to you all.

Fikret Orman