Tosun Pasha of the Turks is actually a European Prince!

The  indispensable striker of the Black Eagles, Cenk Tosun has been interviewed by the Beşiktaş Magazine. Here are some experts from that interview:

“I have to be just a little quicker at the start. But, I am working on it. On the other hand , my long strides usually make up for that lack of explosiveness. “

“I think I’ve got good timing in the air. That’s the reason why I score a lot of goals with headers.”

“ When I gain possession, I don’t give away the ball easily. This allows our mid-field to move up and apply the pressure. “

“Thanks to years of practice, my shooting has improved seriously. Now, I can score from any range.”  

“If I get the chance, I try to score goals that are aesthetically beautiful.I think we, players, owe that much to our supporters.”    

“In the past, even though they were equally great,  I picked Ronaldo over Messi because I had a sympathy for the Real Madrid. Nowadays, my name is being mentioned with these stars. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. It is a serious honour for Beşiktaş as well. ”

What have they said about  Cenk Tosun?

Sports Illustrated (USA): “Cenk Tosun has been showing splendid finishing ability lately.” 

Daily Mail (U.K.): “Tosun has poaching instincs as he scores twice to beat Monaco in Champions League. ”

Fotomaç (Turkey): “ Cenk Tosun, the new Monaco Prince...”

A Bola (Portugal): “Tosun continue to help Beşiktaş soar high in Europe.”

NTVSpor (Turkey): “Tosun the Monaco Prince can be a King in Spain.”

France Football (France): “Cenk Tosun is dangerous like a poison.”

Many more on Cenk Tosun in Beşiktaş Magazine November 2017 Issue...