Chairman's Message

October 2017

Dear Beşiktaş Family,

Our investments towards becoming an internationally-recognised sports club have started to pay off their dividens one by one as our Vodafone Park has been named the venue for the 2019 UEFA Super Cup Final. Within this frame, we have realised a significant increase in our income and seen the number of our supporters rise substantially.

To set an example for the others, I would like extend my thanks to our juniour Black Eagle Muhammed Öztürk whose on the pitch quarrel with the SSC Napoli player Gennaro ended in a friendly, joint photo that won the “Respect Moment” Award from the UEFA last season. Let’s always remember that football is not just a game of results, but it is also a game of brotherhood and gentlemanship.

As a result of our back-to- back national titles and a series of successful outings in Europe, we have become the team to beat. Therefore, nothing is easy for Beşiktaş this season. However, we will not waver from our commitment to fair-play and sportsmanship, and with your continued support, we will take our Black and White coloured flag to higher places.

With this opportunity, I celebrate your October 29th Republic Day and express my sincere gratitude to the Mustafa Kemal Ataturk , the greatest Beşiktaş fan of all times, for transforming Turkey into a modern state.

Fikret Orman,
Beşiktaş JK