Red-hot Black Eagle Ryan Babel interviewed by Beşiktaş Magazine:

Before joining the Ajax Youth System, I learned to play football in the streets of Holland, with a bunch of talented boys who had a positive impact on my

“In the past, I was a criticised for showing off too much on the pitch. I eventually started capping off that ball control with goals.”
“If you did not win a game in the UEA, the fans would turn violent and show no respect to you. However, Beşiktaş supporters are more emotional and always
respectful, regardless of the score.”

“Players of the Barcelona and Real Madrid know each other quite well and display massive team spirit and togetherness on the pitch. Beşiktaş have the
same potential.”

“Being a football player is not as easy as it looks from outside. You always have to train hard and be in top shape .”

“Beşiktaş supporters are like Liverpool’s. They never leave their team alone. Our 20% power comes directly from them.”

Many more on Dutch International Ryan Babel is in October 2017 Issue of the Beşiktaş Magazine...