Rocket Caner Erkin is back!

Beşiktaş’ defender Caner Erkin who won consecutive Super League titles with the Black Eagles has recovered completely from his injury and  returned to the pitch fitter than ever. The young player, nicked named “The Rocket,” talked to the Beşiktaş Magazine. Here some excerpts from the interview he gave to Murat Arda:

“Two national titles are not enough for me. I want at leats half a dozen. Even if we can’t achieve it, we must try for it year after year.”

“I never give up on making crosses from the left sıde where I play because I like collecting assits more than the goals.

“ Thanks to my strong body, I am able to recover fom my injures real quick, but I still don’t like them. They affect my momentum in a negative way.”

“We have a family atmosphere at Beşiktaş. That’s why I adopted to the team sooner than everyone expected.”

“The passionate Beşiktaş supporters  are one of the reasons why chose this club over the others. They impact my prformance positely.

“I believe we will qualify from our Champions League group this time. Even if we don’t, we’ll  a chance to go all the way in Europa League which is wqually valuable for me.”

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