Fikret Orman Message

When I look back at the challenges we’ve had to overcome to reach our present level, I always feel proud that we’ve come a long way. Thank God, those days we struggled financially and failed to win any serious title are now over, and Beşiktaş have started making waves at the international arena once again.
On the other hand, our new projects for Beşiktaş have been keeping us excited and highly-motivated.  However, to achieve more success in near future, we must remain united towards our common goals at all times. Your continuous support and trust are the other key foundations that we will need during our drive forward. The new Beşiktaş JK Museum, Nevzat Demir Training Facilities, Akatlar Social Complex and Vodafone Arena, which have increased the Club’s revenues greatly, prove that my administration has kept its word and added monumental assests to Beşiktaş inventory. We will continue on this path in the years to come.
We were hoping to go all the way in the UEFA Europa League, but unfortunately lost to O. Lyon on penalty-kicks. But, despite the outcome, the whole world had a chance to see how good we were. Now, it is time to turn our focus to the Turkish Super league and capture the national title. None of you should feel upset because the Black Eagles will be back in Europe stronger next season.
With this opportunity, I congratulate the new Beşiktaş JK Council President Tevfik Yamantürk and his Board. I also celebrate your May 1st International Workers’ Day and your May 19th Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sport Day.
My best wishes to you all.
Fikret Orman,
Beşiktaş JK