Chairman's Message

Dear Beşiktaş Family,

As Beşiktaş Chairman, I would like thank each one of you for filling the stands of our shrine Vodafone Arena game after game. To top it all, your one-minute silent cheer in sign language that raised awareness against racism and supported the hearing impaired people in our Champions Leauge group tie with Benfica was broadcast over 120 countries. After breaking the loudest crowd record at 142 decibels and entering the Guiness Book of Records, you’ve achived another first in the world football history and made all of us proud one more time.

Talking about that epic game, you cheered your team on even when they were down 3-0 at half-time. Then, with your backing, the undefeated Black Eagles staged a historic comeback and kept our Champions League qualification hopes alive. We are not there yet, but we are closer than yesterday. We hope to continue our Eurapean journey with a perfect record and make the Turkish football history.

Since, in addition to the UEFA Champions League and Spor Toto Super League, Beşiktaş will also take part in the Turkish Cup, a busy schedule is waiting for us, and your support becomes vital. If we want to reach our final destination, we must stand united during this period regardless of the temporary setbacks.

With this opportunity, I welcome Beşiktaş Sompo Japan basketball team’s new jersey sponsor the Güriş to our club and wish the team all the best both in Europe and Turkey.

My thanks and respect to you all.

Fikret Orman
Beşiktaş JK