Chairman's Message in Beşiktaş Magazine

Dear Beşiktaş Supporters,
This season, in order to defend our Super League title, we have put together a fighting team full of talented and spirited players. As you have all witnessed so far, they refuse to give up and keep battling until the final whistle. I have no doubt that these young lads will go ahead and repeat the last year’s glory for us. However, since they cannot achieve it without your support, you must come out and fill the stands of the Vodafone Arena in every game we play.
Of course, besides football, Beşiktaş JK have other teams competing in a variety of different sports such as basketball, volleyball and handball. To be more successful than the last season and always aiming to the top, we have also boosted them with quality players, and they all need your motivation and support as well. Let's not forget, our new sports hall project for all these teams is set to get off the ground soon.  
On the financial front, Temsa, who will provide free transportation to our football team, has become the club’s new sponsor. As you all know, Beşiktaş’ income coming from sponsorship deals has increased ten fold during our administration.
With this opportunity, I would like to celebrate your 29 October Republic Day and pay tribute to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who made it possible for all of us.
My best wishes to you all.
Fikret Orman
Beşiktaş JK