Fikret Orman's Message

Dear Beşiktaş JK supporters,

On the evening of 15 July, our nation survived a military coup attempt, which claimed the lives of nearly 250 innocent people and seriously threatened our democracy. I want all of you to know that Beşiktaş JK have always stood against such coups and respected the policies of democratically elected governments. No doubt, we will recover from this unfortunate incident soon and move forward more united than ever before.

Under the guidance of their Manager Şenol Güneş, your Black Eagles are getting ready to defend their Turkish Super League title. Since all eyes will be on us, it is going to be more difficult this season, but we are also more experienced and stronger. Having a regular home ground to play on will prove to be another valuable asset. With this opportunity, I wish all our rivals lots of success in coming season.

Fikret Orman
Chairman Beşiktaş JK