Coach Ataman interviewed by Beşiktaş Magazine

Beşiktaş Men’s Basketball’s Head Coach Ergin Ataman shared his future plans with the August issue of Beşiktaş Magazine. Here are some excerpts:

-Terminating our sponsorship with Cola Turka have not deterred us from signing new players. Thanks to the contributions by our Chairman, we are stronger than ever financially and will soon find a new sponsor.
-In addition to 5-6 Turkish players, we have brought in NBA star Deron Williams, and our negotiations with legendary Kobe Bryant are still going on.
-A star can not lift our team alone so if we want to be successful, we must forge into a productive unit real fast. Every player will get his hands dirty.
-Our main goal this season is to finish among the top four, which will book us a ticket for the Europe tournaments the following season.