Soysal’s Black and White World

Beşiktaş JK Board Member Responsible for Communications and Press Consultant Mr. Mehmet Soysal  gave an interview to Beşiktaş Magazine, revealing some insights into his “Black and White World.”

A 31-year journalist, Mr. Soysal is the Vice-Chairman of Ihlas Holding. After managing the holding’s TGTR News TV Channel for 12 years, he currently hosts the weekly “Baş Başa” program on the same channel and writes in Turkish daily “Türkiye” as columnist. Here are some excerpts from the said interview:     
“I have always looked at the world as Black and White and never been fond of gray colour because gray means insincerity and dishonesty to me. In a way, Beşiktaş’s colours correlate with Anatolian people’s traditional stand. In a big city like Istanbul, you can hide your true colours for years, but you cannot live as a “dishonest” person in an Anatolian city.”      
“At Beşiktaş, we have never been obsessed with the results. Let’s be realistic,  you cannot be a champion every season.”  
“We are working non-stop to bring the latest and accurate news to our fans through our club magazines, TV channel and website.” 
“Since we need to be financially strong to achieve our goals, I urge all Beşiktaş-supporting businessmen to give adds to our magazines or sponsor them. Our fans can also contribute to their club by buying our monthly magazines, which don’t cost them much. It is time for action.”