Beşiktaş Cola Turka:101 İstanbul Technical University:53

The Beşiktaş Men’s Basketball team defeated İTÜ 101 – 53, whom they hosted in the BJK Akatlar Sports and Cultural Complex.

Both teams started the game with hard defense. In the first quarter, both teams had problems going beyond the defense and the Black & White team was not effective in their offence in this quarter. İTÜ scored from outside and entered the 7th minute ahead 11 – 7 and the first period ended with İTÜ in the lead 11 – 7, also.
Beşiktaş Cola Turka started to get positive results in the offensive line with Mithat Demirel, Barış Özcan and Rodney Elliot and tied the game in the 13th minute with the three point shots of Mithat and Barış (15-15). Then the Black & White team gained two points by Michael Wright and was ahead once more in the game (17-15). Beşiktaş Cola Turka, who did not repeat their mistakes in the defense in the second quarter, increased the gap to 21 points at one time with the three point shots of Mithat Demirel.  The Black & White team drew attention with its effective play and went to the locker room ahead 43 – 24 at the end of a series of 36 – 13.
Beşiktaş Cola Turka, who did not give any chances to their rival in any field in the second half and maintained the gap, did not force themselves to defend against the rival’s offence.  The Black & White team was effective with Kimani Ffriend under the hoop and scored also from the outside and brought the score to 53 – 33 in the 25th minute.  The Black & White team scored the foul throws that they won in the last minutes of the third quarter and increased the gap to 30 points with the three point shot of Tolga Tekinalp during the last minute of the game. In this way, the Black & White team finished the third quarter ahead 66 – 36, as well.
Beiktaş Cola Turka decreased the tempo in the final part of the game.  The Black & White team, who did not have any difficulty scoring against İTÜ, who lost their concentration, reached a 44 points gap in the last minute of the game (94 - 50).  In order to reach the 100th point, Mithat Demirel made a three point shot in the last 20 seconds and brought the score to 101 – 53 and our team won the game with this score.
Our players scored the following points in this game: Erdem Türetken 13, Tyron Ellis 4, Nedim Yücel 2, Michael Wright 15, Tolga Teminalp 12, Kimani Ffriend 6, Kerem Tunçeri 8, Barış Özcan 8, Rodney Elliot 13, Mithat Demirel 16, Umutcan Özyıldırım 4.
Murat Didin, who did an interview for our web site after the game, said the following:
“Although we were the favorites in the İTÜ game, it made us very happy that the grandstands were this full. We will chase after the championship until the end with this kind of spectator’s support.  We have to congratulate İTÜ. They are playing very well. They deserve a better place with their basketball.”

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