Ankaragücü:2 Beşiktaş:3

Beşiktaş Football team defeated Ankaragücü 3 - 2 in the 28th week of the Turkcell Super League.  Gökhan Güleç, İbrahim Üzülmez and Tümer Metin scored in the 16th, 45th and 85th minutes respectively.

Ankaragücü kicked off the game and the first minutes passed as a midfield struggle. In a fast attack by the host team in the 7th minute of the game, Umut scored on behalf of Ankaragücü and the host team was up by one. Then the Black & White team tied the game in the 16th minute of the game, thanks to Gökhan Güleç. After the opposing goals, Beşiktaş seemed more effective in the game and when the stop watch was showing the 45th minute, İbrahim Üzülmez of Beşiktaş scored a second time against Ankaragücü and they went to the locker room up 2 to 1.
At the very beginning of the second half, in a fast attack by the host team, Ahmed Belal scored and brought the score to 2 – 2. After the goal, the Black & White team tried to get control of the midfield and started an offensive toward the Ankaragücü goal in order to be on top again. In the 67th minute, Ahmed Hassan was substituted by Tümer Metin and in the 75th minute İbrahim Üzülmez was substituted by İbrahim Akın. In the 85th minute of the game, Beşiktaş was up once again with a head goal by Tümer Metin and left the away-game field of the Capital, which has not seen defeat for seven years, with a victory of 3 – 2 .   

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