Denizlispor: 1 Beşiktaş:1

Beşiktaş and Denizlispor ended in a 1 – 1 tie in the away game played after a postponement in the 19th week of the Turkcell Super League. Kleberson scored the goal for the Black & White team in the 47th minute.

The host, Denizlispor, kicked off the game, which was played in the Denizli Atatürk Stadium. It was only the 30th second of the game when the Green & Black team scored a surprise goal and took the advantage. But Beşiktaş overcame the shock of this goal in a short time, then dominated the game and started to make good offensive moves. In the raised tempo of the game, the Black & White team, especially with Tomas Jun and İbrahim Akın, looked for the chance to score in front of Denizlispor’s goal, but they weren’t successful from these positions. Thus, the first half ended [1- 0] Denizlispor leading.
At the beginning of the second half of the game, İbrahim Üzülmez was substituted by Okan Buruk from the Beşiktaş side.  The Black & White team started the second half fast and Kleberson tied the game with a perfect free-kick, which he made from 25 meters away from the goal, while the stop-watch showed the 47th minute. As the game’s tempo picked up, Tomas Jun was substituted by Ahmet Dursun in the 62nd minute and İbrahim Akın was substituted by Nail Tilbaç in the 71st minute from the Beşiktaş side. In the last 20-minute period of the game, the Black Eagles gained total control of the midfield and increased the pressure against their rivals and gained position, but were not able to make a second goal and the game ended in a draw [1 - 1].   

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