Success in Gymnastics

Beşiktaş Gymnastics Team achieved great success in the Turkey Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship held in Adana. Gizem Oylumlu became the champion in all-round and apparatus finals. 

The championship began on Friday at Adana Menderes Sports Hall and ended on Sunday. In the first two days of the competitions, while Gizem Oylumlu became the champion and Tuğçe Oylumlu made the 3rd position in senior category, Cansu Koyutürk made the 4th position in the junior category.
The apparatus finals in the championship were held on Sunday. Gizem Oylumlu who competed in ball, clubs, ribbon and rope became the champion in all 4 categories. On the other hand, Tuğçe Oylumlu took the 2nd place in   3 categories other than the category clubs and the 3rd place in clubs.
Cansu Koyutürk made the 6th place in ribbon and hoop in the apparatus finals in the junior category.

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