Beşiktaş: 80 - BC Stara Zagora: 57

Beşiktaş Women’s Basketball Team won 80-57 triumph over the Bulgarian BC Stara Zagora in the 2nd game of the FIBA European Cup and took the leading position in its group.

Displaying a very successful performance in the first period, Beşiktaş wrapped up this quarter 15-8 leading thanks to the effective play by Jaclyn Johnson under the hoop. The Black & White team was well organized in offense in addition to defense, scored 25 points and took the lead 40-25 in the 2nd period. Beşiktaş did not let the gap trimmed thanks to Johnson’s points even though the Bulgarian team had a successful offense in the 3rd period, and played a relaxed game in the last quarter and pulled out an 80-57 victory with 23 points of difference.
Johnson was the most scorer player in the game with 22 points. The other players scored as follows: Yasemin (14), Esra (11), Dana (10), Roberts (9), Müjde (7), Nihan (3), Selwyn and Nazlı (2 points each).
Defeating Kastoria CAC in an away game in the first game played in the Group, Beşiktaş made the group leading position after this victory with 4 points and the average.



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