Fenerbahçe: 79 - Beşiktaş: 74

Beşiktaş Women’s Basketball Team was defeated 79-74 against Fenerbahçe in the away game played as the 2nd step of the play-off final series and the scores in the series were 2-2 evened.

The game was played in Caferağa Sports Hall and Beşiktaş began with Arzu, Mactabene, Stinson, Jessi and Esmeral. Although Fenerbahçe was more effective in the first few minutes and had a 10-8 lead by the end of the first 5 minutes, the Black & White team finished the period 17-23 leading thanks to its successful performance in attacks in the last minutes.
When Fenerbahçe demonstrated greater effort in defense in the 2nd period, they stopped Beşiktaş attacks and besides evened the score. Jess had her 3rd foul in this period. Then, Fenerbahçe went to the locker room 40-38 leading. 
Beşiktaş had some difficulties in the 3rd period, due to 3rd foul of Arzu, and scored 13 points in the first 5-minute period and widened the gap by 5 points (45-50). Arzu has her 4th foul in 4 minutes remaining, and the Black & White team wrapped up this quarter 55-57 in the lead.
A great struggle was witnessed in the 4th period of the game. While the teams had even 64-64 scores as they entered the last 5 minutes, Arzu had her 5th foul and was taken off the team for the rest of the game in 3 minutes remaining. The game was being affected by partial decisions of the referees in the final minutes and the intentional foul decision made for Esmeral was quite interesting. Despite Beşiktaş’s great efforts, Fenerbahçe left the game 79-74 leading and evened the scores in series as 2-2.
The final game which will determine the champion in 2004-2005 season in Turkish Women’s Basketball League will be played on May 5th, Thursday.

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