Beşiktaş: 95 – TRNC Lefkoşa: 43

Beşiktaş Wheelchair Basketball Team bet TRNC Lefkoşa Turk. Mun. Sports Club in the 14th week game that had been postponed 95-43 and closed the regular season as leader.

Beşiktaş Handicapped dominated its opponent throughout the game that took place in Süleyman Seba Sports Hall. Beşiktaş completed the first period 18-8 and finished the second period 48-24 ahead despite being effective in offense and having problems in defense. Black and Whites which had been relaxed in offense due to the margin in the 3rd quarter, started the final quarter with a score of 64-35. Beşiktaş that almost displayed a show in the final quarter scored 31 points versus 8 points against and won the game with a large margin, 95-43.
Beşiktaş collecting 35 points with 17 wins and 1 loss during the 8-week marathon completed the league as the leader.

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