Ülkerspor: 70 – Beşiktaş: 82

Beşiktaş Men’s Basketball Team completed the league with 43 points at the 3rd spot by beating Ülkerspor 82-70 in the 26th and final week of the league game and gained the advantage of 1-0 over Ülkerspor at a possible match up in the play-off.

The home team Ülkerspor set off the final game of the 26-week regular season fast and caught a series of 10-0 in the first 5 minutes. Beşiktaş, which pulled itself together with the points of Ratko Varda and Khalid El-Amin, was lagging behind 20-16.
Beşiktaş starting the second quarter with effective defense and points under the rim got the lead for the first time with Haluk Yıldırım and Khalid El-Amin’s consecutive baskets in the 15th minute (26 - 27). Black and White Team went to the locker room with a 33-38 lead after continuing its effective game until the end of this quarter.
In the second quarter that took off with the reciprocal baskets, it was Ülkerspor which tied the game with the points it had scored (42 - 42). Despite Beşiktaş continuing its effective defense Ülkerspor led the game by scoring from perimeter shots for a while however Black and Whites leveled the game at 49-49 with Haluk Yıldırım's contribution at the end of the 3rd quarter.
Beşiktaş, which started the last quarter fast with Ratko Varda's 3-pointer, pushed the lead out to 18 points with Haluk Yıldırım and Khalid El Amin’s points with 6 minutes remaining (52 - 70). Beşiktaş beat powerful Ülkerspor in the rematch continuing its effective game during the final minutes of the game as it did in the first half of the league (70-82).
Beşiktaş increasing its points to 43 after this win completed the regular season in third spot. Black and White Team will meet Tuborg which guaranteed to complete the league in 6th spot in the first round of the play-offs. Beşiktaş will start the game with a 1-0 advantage in case of a possible match up with Ülkerspor in the play-offs.

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