The Objective is the Championship in Basketball

Beşiktaş Men's Basketball Team that completed the league in the third spot by beating powerful Ülkerspor 82-70 aims at the Championship. The President of the Basketball Committee Yahya Kemal Gençer said, \\"We will be Champions of Turkey both in Men's and Women's\\".

Beşiktaş, which had managed to beat powerful Ülkerspor by a margin of 12 points in a magnificent performance that it had displayed in the 4th quarter of the game that took place in Abdi İpekçi Sports Hall, celebrated in the locker room, not only its finishing the league at the 3rd spot but also gaining the 1-0 advantage over its opponent in a possible play-off match up.
President of the Basketball Committee Yahya Kemal Gençer noted that the objective is the Championship and stated:
“Beşiktaş basketball team needed this win. Our players played a sound and exciting game. They got a very nice win. We demonstrated how assertive we are in basketball. I believe that we will win the cup both in Men’s and Women’s and be Champions of Turkey.”

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