Players’ Statements

Beşiktaş players Tayfur Havutçu, Tümer Metin and Koray Avcı have organized a joint press meeting. Players have agreed on the positive influence that has been created with the assignment of a new coach.

Manager-player Tayfur Havutçu who has emphasized that the team is in a very good mood and all players are quite eager to do their best, has said “Everything starts from scratch when a coach is replaced. All players are aware of that. Everybody is doing their best to play. From now on, every match for us is a final match.”
Tümer Metin has expressed that he is happy with the playing system that the new Coach Rıza Çalımbay has brought in and the effect of the new coach is already seen. “There is a new chance for the players who have not played until now. Our coach has created this mood within the team. There was the same system when we became champion.” said Tümer.
Newly transferred player Koray Avcı has stated that he is aiming to do his job in the best possible way and he will be much better if he can overcome his impatience.

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