The Parliamentary Inquiry Committee At İnönü

The Parliamentary Inquiry Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey has made various investigations in the BJK İnönü Stadium and come together with the officials in the Coordination meeting.

“The Parliamentary Inquiry Committee” which has been established for the purpose of investigating the claims of violence, rigging, bribery and unfair competition and determining the necessary precautions to be taken, has made investigations in the BJK İnönü Stadium. The Football Association has shared views and thoughts with the security and stadium officials at the coordination meeting.
Saying that they will make the same investigations in Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saraçoğlu and Ali Sami Yen Stadiums in Istanbul, the Head of the Committee and member of the parliament Haluk İpek has said “We will prepare report as a result of our investigations and announce it to the public one month later.”

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