Rıza Çalımbay says:

“First of all, we are quite pleased to be here in Beşiktaş. The most important issue for us now is time… It has only been a while that I have been appointed. There has not been enough opportunities for training with the team yet. However I trust my team. My players’ ambitions and wills are quite well. All my players are working in good faith.
This year, every match is a final and derby match for us. We are certainly aware of that situation. Both the players and the technical team have already focused on this issue. We are in such a position that we are playing games that can not be compensated in any way. We have to win all our matches and the biggest power behind us in those matches is our supporters. I request from them not to leave us alone in the matches. All I want from our supporters is to trust us.
We are working in harmony with our management. We knew that we would get the biggest support from our Board of Directors and our supporters. This has come true. Both our Board of Directors and the supporters have given us great support. We will finish this season in the best possible position and we will gradually establish the team for the next year. There will be a perfect Beşiktaş next year. I promise.
Rıza Çalımbay
Beşiktaş Coach
February 12, 2005

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