Beşiktaş: 78 Samsun Belediyesi: 53

Beşiktaş Wheelchair Basketball Team beat Samsun Belediyesi 78-53 in week 10 game of the league. Beşiktaş closed the first quarter of the game played in Ahmet Fetgeri Sports Arena 12-11 in front with a 1 point difference.

The Black and Whites, who displayed a more effective performance compared to their rivals in the second quarter, went to the locker room 32-27 in front at the end of the first half.
The Beşiktaş handicapped, who opened the lead further in the third quarter of the game were 56-38 in front at the end of this quarter. Beşiktaş, who maintained their superiority in the last part of the game, left the arena with a 78-53 victory.

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