Beşiktaş:2 Novara:3

Beşiktaş Women’s Volleyball Team lost 3-2 to Novara, the unbeaten group leader, in the 7th game of Group B in the Indesit Women’s European Champions League, after a highly contested match.

Beşiktaş, which was 19-25 behind in the first set of the game, displayed a much better performance in the second set. The black and whites, who looked superior against their opponents both in blocking and in spikes, evened the score at 1-1, winning the set 25-21.
Beşiktaş Women’s Team lost the third set 25-21, making simple mistakes despite their overall good performance. Beşiktaş, which came back in the fourth set, won it 25-20 after a terrific performance, equalizing the game at 2-2.
The final set of the game was breathtaking. Beşiktaş, which gave a very successful fight against the Italians who are the unbeaten leaders in the group left the game 2-3 behind, losing the set which was played under even terms, 13-15.

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