The First Practice in Antalya

Beşiktaş Football (Soccer ) Team joining the training camp in Antalya for the preparation of  the second half of the Super League had performed  the first practice today ( January 9).

Sergen Yalçın, Emre Aşık both of whom are still under treatment and Tümer Metin who is ills could not join the practice  that started with warming up exercises and ended with physical fitness exercises.Tayfun Korkut only jogged .Alanya BJK Football School students followed the practice as well.
After the practice team player Ahmet Yıldırım has assessed the camp ambience and the preparations made, for our web site and said the following:
‘’We started the Antalya phase of our second half preparations with the practice we made this morning. We were really in a very busy environment in İstanbul with high pace. Here we will do our best in getting ourselves prepared for the second half of the League with practices and preparation matches both. Our team is in good condition on physical and morale aspects. Our aim is to get the fruits of our hard work here in the second half of the League and to be more successful.

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