Del Bosque’s Announcements

Beşiktaş Coach V. Del Bosque assessed the preparations for the 2nd half for the web site of the club.

Stating that they re-started their practices strongly after the 10-day holiday they had due to the break in the league, V. Del Bosque said the following:
 “Our target as a team before the start of the 2nd half is while improving our good sides, concentrating  our efforts on our poor sides and to better them.
I found my players in good shape overall after the holiday. In fact, there would be no physical losses in players in a 10-day holiday. But still, we’ll do everything we can to be on the safe side, bettering any deficiencies that may have occurred with our practices and to start the league even stronger. We have enough time to do so.”
As the statistics indicate, we are on a significant upswing in the last 9 weeks. We will do everything we can, continuing with our practices in the best way possible, to climb to the highest point we can, using our game-schedule advantage, which is in our favor, starting with the second half.”

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