Beşiktaş defeated Kayserispor 2-1 in a road game played in week 16 of the league.  The goals of Black-White team came from Tümer Metin in the 55th minute and Berkant Göktan in the 90th minute.

The match was played in Kayseri Atatürk Stadium in a rather cold weather and on an icy ground. In the 30th minute, Kayserispor gained a penalty kick upon Fatih Sonkaya’s hand interference with the ball in the penalty area. Kayserispor was ahead 1-0 with the goal of Johnson that came from this penalty kick.  Beşiktaş equalized the score 1-1 with the goal scored by Tümer Metin from inside the penalty area after a perfect pass from Ahmet Yıldırım in the 55th minute.  Black-White team won the match 2-1 with the goal in the 90th minute as a result of the header by Berkant  came off the bench in the second half.  

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