Women Lock on the Target

Beşiktaş Women’s Basketball Team finished the first half of the 2004-2005 season in 2nd place with 20 points it compiled after 9 wins and 2 losses.

Beşiktaş put 814 baskets in opponent’s hoops and saw 755 points in their own hoops at the end of week 11. The scores obtained by Beşiktaş in their games are as follows:
1st Week Beşiktaş 91-89 Erdemirspor
2nd Week Galatasaray 59-66 Beşiktaş
3rd  Week Burhaniye 69-74 Beşiktaş
4th Week  İÜSK 87-90 Beşiktaş
5th Week Ceyhan 66-64 Beşiktaş
6th Week Beşiktaş 62-71 Fenerbahçe
7th Week Beşiktaş 72-62 Botaş
8th Week Beşiktaş 86-66 Orim Cam
9th Week Beşiktaş 78-69 Migros
10th Week Beşiktaş 65-58 Mersin 
11th Week Arı Koleji 59-66 Beşiktaş
Stating that they had a good performance in the last weeks despite the problems they faced in the first half, Coach Aziz Akkaya said; “We want to win the title at the end of the playoffs continuing with our successful performance in the second half of the league. We are continuing with the  preparations for the 2nd half without interruption and we are ready”.

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