Letter by our President

Dear Beşiktaş Fans,
We are performing our duties with the same targets as those we started with when we asked to be elected to management of our club.
We, who took on our duties in Beşiktaş’s most difficult days, are determined to fulfill the tasks given to us until 2007. It is out of the question that we compromise on this concept that we turn back halfway on the road.
We cannot allow the resignations of our three friends who are members of the Board of Directors, which is thought to shake Beşiktaş management in the public, to hurt our mission. We will continue to serve our club with the same determination.
We thank our resigning friends for the services they rendered.
Events similar to this have been faced in Beşiktaş Club before, like in every club. Yet, this has never made it necessary for a General Meeting to be held as some have stated.
Dear Beşiktaş Fans,
Unfortunately, speculations relating to our Coach Del Bosque are being pursued by certain media entities. We, as Beşiktaş Board of Directors, are beside our coach all the time and we have no doubt that we will achieve the successes targeted in the long-term with this team.
In the last portion of my message; I would like to talk about the Fulya Project, which is very import for the future of our club. We will start the Fulya Project, which is Beşiktaş’s future on April 30. Those, who wish to prevent this greatest step taken toward our future, are attacking us unfairly with false arguments on this subject. We are working day and night so that Beşiktaş earns one penny more. We are ready to answer those who make these unfair allegations in any platform.
Dear Beşiktaş Fans,
Our most important force is our unity and solidarity. We will reach our targets step by step with your great support. I hope that 2005 becomes a year when the unity and solidarity of Beşiktaş culminate. I take this opportunity to congratulate our whole community’s new year and wish you healthy, happy and successful days with your families.

My best love and regards,

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